"Duna Mecanica" sculpture no. II
"Duna Mecanica" sculpture no. II
"Duna Mecanica" sculpture no. II
"Duna Mecanica" sculpture no. II

"Duna Mecanica" sculpture no. II

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Michela Barone Lumaga, "Duna Mecanica". Unique, polyurethane foam, 2015. Signed a tergo, No. II, Michela Barone Lumaga, 2015. 

"Duna Mecanica" are wall sculptures that replicate sand patterns formed by wind. As dune formation depends on wind dynamics, the shapes of these sculptures are determined by sinusoidal waves that vary in frequency, wavelength and direction. The three shapes have common traits, yet each has a different appearance. The transformations along the crests and gorges produce both soft shadows and sharp edged silhouettes creating an effect of visual reverberation. These works were fabricated with a CNC milling machine that carved the ridges
from polyurethane foam.

Michela Barone Lumaga is an architect and designer. Her work synthesizes technology and nature, using digital fabrication to generate new environmental perceptions.  She has shown her work in the United States, at the MIT Museum and in New York. She is currently preparing for her upcoming spring show at the Royal Institute of Art's Mejan Gallery, Stockholm.

Artist: Michela Barone Lumaga

Year: 2015

Condition: Excellent

Dimensions: Ø. 95 cm

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